Academic Dress

Have a question on how to order your academic dress? Or wondering if we have a dress available in your size?
Read on to find out more.

How do I retrieve the academic dress order form?

What if I am not sure of the ideal academic dress size for me?

Can I come to try my academic dress before submitting the academic dress order form?

How do I know that Serangoon Broadway has received my academic dress order form?

What is included in the academic dress set?

How much does it cost and how do I make payment?

What do you mean by “good condition” of the academic dress?

Why is a security deposit required for rental of academic dress?

What should I wear under my academic dress?

Should I dry-clean my academic dress before use?

When and where can I collect my academic dress?

I can’t collect my academic dress during the time frame given. Can I collect the academic dress earlier or later? Can I ask somebody to collect on my behalf?

Can I return my academic dress at the ceremony venue?

Can I ask someone to return my academic dress?

I’ve missed the deadline for the form submission. Can I still attend the ceremony?

Can I get additional guest tickets for my graduation ceremony?

Can I purchase/rent the academic dress outside graduation period?

I have a question that is not found here.